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Valentine's Day at the Barbican, London, February 29, 2008

Davids performance was wonderful, Pennsylvania, Lewisburg 23th February 2008

David Garrett, a very Cool Violinst! February 16,2008

David Garrett - broken Stradivarius February 15, 2008

Caught by the Beauty: David Garrett February 2008

Valentines Day Love's Classics February 14, 2008

Hi David , 28th December 2007 D5

Stern-TV am 19.12.2007 D6

Classical spectacular, 1st December 2007

Classical Spectacular, November 23, 2007

Hallo David, ich wollte ... november 19, 2007 D7

Prodigy Violinist : David Garrett October 14, 2007

David Garrett, o violinista alemão 13 outubro 2007 BR

I'm in LOVE!!! October 3, 2007

EL MEU VIOLINISTA PREFERIT... 23 de agosto de 2007

HE IS REAL A GENIUS 5th August 2007

LOVE HIM! 16th July 2007

Showcase in Singapore: "Oosh!!!": 21th June 2007

Showcase in Hong Kong: April 16th 2007: "I am a little fan of David Garrett"- "I walked around Paragon" "Guess who I saw!"

Come non ricordare un’esperienza così entusiasmante!!! Italia, Terni, 1st April 2007 I

"David has this ability to unfold Beethoven’s sensibility and even sensuality..."Switzerland - Chateau Chillon 12th September 2006

Music always is something which has to accompany your heart..." Italy - Florence April 30th- 1st Mai 2006

"David Garrett, one of the most successful Paganini interpreter of today..." Japon - Osaka 24th March 2006

"It was the most beautiful music..." Mondavi Center 24th October 2004 -


24th mars 2006
Japon - Osaka


“I would like to call David Garrett one of the most successful Paganini interpreter of today.

I still remember being amazed at his Caprices. His music inspired me to tap my feet to the fast movements and hum to the slow.

Especially in the Caprice No.23 and 24, melancholy shadows caught my heart


I am sure it will become a memory that will live with me forever.

I do hope a great future lies behind him.”


April 30th and 1st May 2006
Italy - Florence 
Conductor: Giuseppe Lanzetta
Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina 
MOZART: Violin Concerto in Sol mag n°3 k216
MOZART:Adagio for Violin in mi mag K261



David’s interview in this occasion:

“Well, it is a wonderful opportunity to be here in Florence especially in such a beautiful city, in such a beautiful venue and I think it has so much inspiration to your playing which is always important, because music always is something which has to accompany your heart and the more you are happy with the surroundings normally the better you play. I think at some point you realize that, of course, the violin is only something you do music with. Actually it is not something that is that important to the music...”



He came by taxi when I was already in the church. I was sitting in my seat up front, when he crossed the church went to the back of the alter to join the orchestra. He wore a dark jacket. His blond hair was tied back. He was very good-looking. I recalled his self-confidence. He looked as if he were about to do a catwalk at a fashion show.

Immediately, I heard him practicing his violin among the other instruments. A sound that I coud recognize in a thousand.

When David came on, he was superb in his classical dark blue suit, with a blue shirt and tie. His face lit up with his beguiling smile. He seemed very confortable and smart looking.

He played Mozart 3 and the Adagio K261. It was wonderful! He seemed to be well connected with the conductor Giuseppe Lanzetta and the orchestra. There were glances, nods and smiles. It was a fabulous sound. He played very sensually, with eyes closed and pinching of his lips. He successfully reveiled his deep emotions. I particularly appreciated his cadences which were not the usual.

He was warmly applauded. He gave three encores: “the Flight of the Bumblebee”. There were superb and entertaining. And the Caprices 13 and 14 by Paganini were better than in his CD recorded at the age of 15. Proving to be lighter and mature.

After his performance, he had a chat with the musicians and went out and crossed the church. People congratulated him. The Ladies’ eyes were shining... He was smiling and very friendly with everybody.

The day after, I stayed for the second Concert which seemed even better than the day before, conveying even more sensuality.

His concert was a great success and he received a standing ovation. Everywhere, the audience shouted “bravo!”. It was fabulous! He gave three encores again and this time played a piece from the Partita n°2 by Bach instead of the Caprice 13. He was always smiling with self-confidence. After which, he annouced his encores to the audience and expressed kind words of appreciation.

The Rose

david35florence010520061 david39florence01052006

source: http://www.florence.tv/accessibile/DettaglioVideo.aspx?id=202

September 12th 2006
Montreux-Chateau Chillon 
Recital with Milana Chernyavska on piano 
J.BRAHMS: Sonate n°2 op 100
W.A.MOZART: Sonate n°10, KV 378
L.V.BEETHOVEN: Sonate n°5 op024 “Spring”
PABLO DE SARASATE: Introduction and Tarentelle 

Once upon a time, during a hot indian Summer night in Montreux... One had the impression of being brought back in time. The room we were in had dark walls, decorative ceiling, and thin grey columns. We were in a concert hall and felt as if the owners of this castel had invited us. The windows were opened on this wonderful sunset on the lake and the mountains. The atmosphere inspired everyone and especially the musicians!

David came on the stage with his charismatic smile, wearing a very fashionable black suit, the stand-up collar on a white shirt. No tie. Milana Chernyavska was very elegant and classical in her long black dress.

It was rather warm in the room. David wiped his face. He had to tune up his violin between the movements. too. Unexpectedly, a bat came into the room flying above the musicians. The audience was a little restless. Then, at a certain point, a train was heard! David was oblivious to all this and was in full concentration.

I loved his Brahms and his Mozart. But his Beethoven after the intermission was really touching, especially the Adagio. David has this ability to unfold Beethoven’s sensibility and even sensuality, this man “who never smiled”... His Sarasate was great! There, he enjoyed a lot! It had so much rhythm and inspired us to dance.

He was warmly applauded and gave as an encore Bazzini. He said in French “La ronde des Lutins”. I loved his playing in this particular piece. And furthermore, I heard it played before by Yéhudi Menuhin, Itzhak Perlman et Gil Shaham. It was unique how he struck the violin with his bow. He was very confident. He showed an unbelieveable ability in his instrumental technique.

He was delighted by the audience’s warm reception. He said he had only practiced three ours before with the pianist. They had not prepared for a second encore. But David gave a second encore playing alone Caprice n°14 by Paganini, heard in Florence.

Behind me, an elderly Lady said to another Lady: “How handsome he is!” The other Lady replied:”Oh! yes! and what a beautiful smile he has!”I thought to myself both old and young were under his spell!!!...


The Rose



October 24th 2004
Mondavi Center
BRUCH: Violin Concerto
Conductor: Michael Goodwin
Auburn Symphony


Wow, what a show!


Perhaps the best aspect of the special event was the positive reaction of our daughters. Our family does not regulary attend the Auburn Symphony presentations. Lacking familiarity with the joys of this genre, the three daughters reacted with varying degrees of interest when I announced our plans to attend. For our middle daughter the idea of getting dressed in something other than jeans and drinving some distance to “listen to music” was too much. But we ignored that, carpooled with girlfriends, and made it to our seats in time for the rousing first mouvement. I watched body language shift from “I’m here because I have to be” to “this isn’t so bad”.

I was most amused when young violin vistuoso, David Garrett took the stage. All of the young ladies in our row leaned forward in their seats for a closer look at the handsome musician. He began to play. They listened intensly, as did I. It was the most beautiful music.

(Sources: Angela Juliano Tahti - "Perspectives", november/December 2004)


April 16th 2007
Hong Kong, Harbourg City
free mini showcase

wah!!!what a wonderful guy with lots of talent on music!!! he played a number of pieces of music from his album!!! much much nicer than listern to his CD. live music is wonderful!!!! it really free you!!! send you directly to heaven!!!

(source: http://jwongsm.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns!FFF8CB6D6DA3D010!351.entry)


I am a little fan of David Garrett ♪

...i went to Harbour City after school, cos i knew David Garrett would hold a mini showcase there at 7.30pm.

day's still young, so i wandered thro' shops, it's kinda boring.

i reached da atrium and waited for da show to begin, waited for an hour, more and more ppl were waiting.

da show was begun at 7.40pm...

wow~ David was really handsome, and his music was so beautiful, i enjoyed much.

i took many pics in da show, bought his album and got his signiture, looked really like his fan.

da staff originally didnt allow me to take pic with David, but David saw me asking for permission, he said "Come on! Come on!" and let me in. 

i was so happy that i could take 2 pics with him, he's really talented and nice...



(source: http://lululydi.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns!4CDC07C7667B78D4!1734.entry)


I walked around Paragon. Guess who I saw!


David Garrett! He was rehearsing for his show! Wow! I was amazed! Fell totally in love with his music! So we went for lunch. Came back to Paragon at 3.30p.m. And omg, I tell you, Singaporeans are so reserved. They stood like a good 3 metres away from the podium. Hello! This isn't the television set or screen! It is okay for you to come near to the stage. We didn't bother about them. We stood right in front of the podium along with the other Caucasians. We had earlier decided to sit right at the front. So we did. ...

My eyes were mainly on the violin ...

And ouh, that violin, it costs $4 million.

That's right.

It was an awesome concert. It was even more awesome given the fact that it was free. Lol.

So where did we head to after the concert? THAT CD SHOP. I got the autographed album. Yeeaayyy.


(souce: http://sanguinebeing.blogspot.com/2007/06/so-im-into-classical-music-now.html)


21th June 2007
Singapore, OOSH


Today I went down to Oosh with my Mom and a couple of my church friends to see a little performance by David Garrett. David Garrett would probably be a name unheard of in Singapore... In short, he plays the violin, supposedly, well. Actually, Oosh is unheard of too. Don't you think Oosh is such a funky name? The toilets there actually had door signs labeling the Gents' and the Ladies' lavortories Moosh and Woosh repectively... haha.

The place had a very relaxed and casual ambiance which contributed in building part of my expectation for a good performance. On top of that, I was given a really nice looking uh, sortofa invitation card. It doesn't really have much use except for turning my expectations up a notch.

Okay. Now, the actual performance kicks off with "technical difficulties." The background music that was being played from a recording (I personally didn't like this. I was expecting a small ensemble) was louder then whatever the lousy microphone could pick up from David Garrett's playing. It's a pity, because David Garrett actually played really well! All the backup music just drowned him. And the audio crew people didn't do anything about it.

Eventually, I think David Garrett got sufficiently annoyed and ditched the microphones and stepped off the stage to get closer to the audience. And things gets worse. The smarty management crew re-adjusts the spotlights to face him. However, the spotlights ended up shining into the audiences' faces. So now, David Garret can see audience, audience cannot see David Garrett. Pfftt... They actually shifted spotlights back and forth again when David Garrett went back up on the platform, only to be disappointed by the still unbalanced music, and ditches the mikes again.

However, after a few numbers, the crew gets things right. It was funny because David Garrett had to cue them in the midst of performing to make the music louder or softer when it was off balance.

Stupid management. It was really a spoiler.





David Garrett showcase at Oosh


Just went for a showcase by David Garrett down at Oosh today.

The guy was damn cool. He came out in a t-shirt, jeans and a cap, with his hair tied up just under his cap, and he was carrying a violin. And guess what? The violin was a Stradivarius... A real life 1718 Stradivarius... This will probably be my first and only time I'll ever see an actual Strad and even get to hear it.

The music was wonderful, save for some technical glitches at the start. The sound crew took quite awhile to actually get it all set up, and once that was done then the music really started to flow, although I have to complain about a bunch of idiots laughing among themselves at the back.. Really very irritating.. Anyway David Garrett played really really well, and didn't even seem to have to concentrate very hard.. In fact he seemed like he was really just enjoying himself.

Anyway I got my hands on a copy of the album, as I thought it would be quite worthwhile, considering the actual talent of David, coupled with the wonderful sound from the Strad. Didn't manage to get an autograph though, as he disappeared immediately after the showcase. It was a really nice experience, and it will probably be quite a unique one for me.

Source: http://karbonstryke.blogspot.com/


An Evening With David Garrett


David Garrett's an evening of violin serenades started off disappointingly. It's definitely wasnt his fault coz he tried his darn best to please the audience. the event management and its engineers were lousy. On his first song, Carmen Fantasie, his violin part could not be heard over the overly-loud background music and then the mic just went dead. i thot it was silly but he kept on playing. it's like watching a foreign voice-over. u hear musical instruments other than violin but u see this guy strutting away his antique violin on stage. i gotta give it to him for keeping his cool and not breaking any sweat other than from the heat. a brief stop to chat with a dumb symphony dj, it went on again for the second song which i cant remember the name, it could be Paganini Rhapsody. he played a few notes before leaving the stage playing unplugged nearer to the audience in hope we'd be able to hear his violin. it was rather soft. he went on to play an impressive solo to verify his talent before La Califfa by Ennio Morricone. it's just not happening! he decided to play solo again which was good tho soft after that giving time to the dim-witted sound system engineers to sort things out. and they finally did. he came back with Duelling Banjos. It was ok considering the sound system still did not compliment the mic well. anyway, he went on to play almost all the other songs in his current Free album such as his self-written Serenade, The Flight of Bumble Bee, Somewhere (of West Side Story, note: Il Divo also hv this song!) and (get this!) Metallica's Nothing Else Matters! before his Csardas Gypsy Dance finale, he has obligingly re-played Carmen and La Califfa. how nice! afterwards, he apologised for the bad sound system and said he hoped to come back again (i hope so but it'll better be at a recital or concert hall nx time). then he simply disappeared before we got the chance to get him to sign our cd. anyway, we listened to his cd in ren's car on our way to holland v for dinner. it's simply very much better in an enclosed space. and he was playing the Giovanni Battista Guadagnini violin not the Stradivarius which the dj kept saying he does. oh well ... that's the sexy albeit one embarrased kurt-cobain-lookalike, mr david garrett, for u. he's still such a dish tho

(source: http://pure9uava.multiply.com/photos/album/56/070621_An_Evening_With_David_Garrett)



Meet David Garrett.

He's been dubbed the Beckham of Classical Music (he has the hair and appeal to show for it).

He's been playing the violin since he was 4 (an age when I was fascinated with chewing my toes).

He has lashes so long and thick they could keep raindrops from getting into his eyes.

He wore a cool vintage-y cap I wanted to steal.

He's never really been to a nice beach.

He loves to surf.

He's very tall ...

He really knows how to play a mean Stradivarius...


(source: June 22, 2007, http://swingaporesister.blogspot.com/2007/06/champion-si-garrett.html)


source: http://fullypics.multiply.com/photos/album/7)




Es diu David Garrett i és per flipar........


Lo Bils , ueves 23 de agosto de 2007

(source: http://lobils.blogspot.com/2007/08/el-meu-violinista-preferit.html)








rrah @ 2007-07-16

(source: http://rrah.livejournal.com/27427.htmlSo I'm into classical music now )


To be honest,he is real a genius, and a handsome guy!!^^But i really heat his commerical record!In my opinion, he don't need that commerical expoliture!(Like MASIKM ,IL DIVO!)   A friend don't agree with me ,she said,if they don't change,means they can't have such great success,they may be stay at  a nameless place , to be a teacher or just be a nameless classcial music  player!  

           hum~~~~that's right! pop-opera,pop-classical !may be that's classical music's a brand new day !

olive~~olivine~~olivia, 5th August 2007

(source: http://fanfanolivia.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns!24E8F213B0E28AC9!218.entry)



I'm in LOVE!!!


Ahhh the familiar feeling of warmth pumping through your veins, the butterflies in your stomach and the tingling sweet sensation all throughout.

It's the feeling I got when I went to see David Garrett, the 25 year old sexy, Curt Cobain look alike, violinist, genius, virtuoso last night at the Seoul Art Center.

This guy is HOT HOT HOT, and that doesn't even begin to describe how amazing David is while watching his fingers move up and down the finger board of his violin. Thank goddess I picked up a pair of binoculars before the show, so I could see every movement and facial expression of his beautiful being. I haven't been struck like this since seeing Nick Cave perform in London back in the day.

If you get a chance to see this absolutely lovely talented GOD perform... don't miss him. You won't be disappointed. He's friggin' AMAZING!!!!!

Girijah~Golden, Wed, October 3, 2007

(source: http://people.tribe.net/ff9b269d-938b-43a5-a231-5f27bd8a6a6e/blog/78ca6c9c-752f-4f16-ba5d-a4e022e8a35e)


BR1 David Garrett, o violinista alemão, que está no Rio fazendo muita carioca babar e apresenta-se neste sábado, no Theatro Municipal, tem como cicerone a produtora de moda Paula Rita Saady. Na quinta-feira, o lindo louro — capaz de levar qualquer mulher normal a ter pensamentos de fazer até a "Bebel" enrubescer — estava dando pinta no 00, na Gávea, com visual superdescontraído, usando havaianas.

(source: 13/10/2007, http://lulacerda.ig.com.br/home/index.php?contentId=4906)



Prodigy Violinist : David Garrett


David Garrett has always been on my list of research topics. I have always wanted to know more about him and his unique style of playing. All I knew was that he looks a lot like Kurt Cobain from the legendary group - Nirvana. I knew he has successfully brought classical violin playing to younger audiences and to top it all he was a model in New York at one point of his career. His latest album entitled Free showed off his diverse style of playing. It has a mix of rawness and melodic twist to it. A style that makes you stop for a moment in time to question the many different and intriguing passages in his music. He has a mystic way of playing the violin that will tingle your thoughts and resonate those emotions within you . I enjoyed this album very much and it has successfully captivate my instincts and curiosity for this very talented violin player.

Richard Ong, Sunday, October 14, 2007

(source: http://learningisajourney.blogspot.com/2007/10/prodigy-violinist-david-garrett.html)


October 25th 2007
Harenberg City Center
Pianist: Gordeladze Catherine
BEETHOVEN:  Romanze für Violine und Klavier F-Dur op. 50
BEETHOVEN:   Sonate für Klavier und Violine G-Dur op. 96
BRAHMS:  Sonate für Violine und Klavier d-Moll op. 108
SARASATE:  "Zigeunerweisen" op. 20 für Violine und Klavier

Hallo David,

D8  ich wollte mich bei Dir für die wunderschöne CD „Free“ oder „Virtuoso“ bedanken. Leider führst Du mir vor Augen, wie schade es ist, dass ich kein Instrument spielen kann, sonst würde ich gerne mit Dir zusammenspielen (ha, ha). Nein wirklich, ich frage mich jeden Tag von Neunen, wie Du es schaffst, dass ich die CD von morgens bis abends hören kann - immer und immer wieder. Dabei muss ich sagen, dass ich sie schon seit Juli jeden Tag höre… Respekt an Dich! Ohne sie gehe ich nicht mehr außer Haus! Ich finde, dass Du die Stücke perfekt ausgesucht und überarbeitet hast. Sie sind für jede Lebenslage und jede Stimmung. Sie zeigen wie kreativ Du bist und selbstverständlich Dein unglaubliches technisches Können. Sei nicht so schüchtern, Du hast es drauf!

Am 25. Oktober 2007 dürfte ich Dich in Dortmund live erleben. Du warst fantastisch. Ich habe mich in dich verliebt. Deine Energie und Liebe zu Musik ist ansteckend. Die Türe des Saals öffnete sich und Du betratst fast schüchtern aber mit einen charmanten Lächeln die Bühne. Wow - nicht nur, dass Du verdammt gut Geige spielen kannst, nein - dazu siehst Du noch verdammt gut aus. Ich bin fast vor Aufregung gestorben. Ich befinde mich immer noch in einem Zustand, den ich nie für möglich gehalten hätte: Ich bin sprachlos, was nicht oft passiert; versetzt in ein Alter als ich Teenager war und „Bravo“ angebetet habe. Du hast mich verzaubert. OK das hörst Du wahrscheinlich jeden Tag, aber ich muß es mir einfach von der Seele reden. Du hast mit soviel Leidenschaft, Energie und Gefühl gespielt, dass ich Gänsehaut bekam und das bei Brahms, obwohl ich kein Fan von Brahms bin. Deinen Fingern, die die Seiten hoch und runter berührten, zu zusehen war ein Traum. Danke auch dafür.

Nach der Pressekonferenz bin ich auch zu Dir gegangen. Ich bekam ein Autogramm auf meine geliebte CD und war schon wieder total sprachlos. Ich wollte Dir so viele Sachen sagen, aber ich konnte es nicht.

Ich höre gerne klassische Musik, aber kein Künstler hat mich so beeindruckt und berührt wie Du.

Weiter so David, ich freue mich, Dich bei Deiner Promotion - Tour im März wieder zu sehen.

Viele Grüße

Dein Fan Sylvia  

November 22th, 23th 2007
Great Britain


Classical Spectacular


Last night Grace and I took a trip to the Royal Albert Hall for ‘Classical Spectacular’ – an evening of classical entertainment. It turned out to be an awesome show, with indoor fireworks, lasers, flame throwers, cannons, muskets, militia, ballet dancers, can-can girls, flag waving, balloon popping, singing and generally making merry. (...)

The star of the show, however, was David Garrett on violin. I’m a bit of a philistine when it comes to classical music, but Grace is proficient with the violin herself, so I was treated to a running commentary on all the highly impressive things he was doing. It sounded good to me, but Grace was stunned with how talented the guy was. Apparently he was doing some clever thing where you use the harmonics of the string to play very high notes (which is really difficult), playing in a way where he would hit the string and then bounce off to make a staccato noise (which is very difficult, and he was doing it ridiculously quickly) and ‘double-stopping’ which apparently is where you play two strings at the same time (which sounds impressive, and the concept sounds difficult, but is actually not too bad, according to Grace). He was really excellent. (...)

(source: steve,



The second half soloist was the talented violinist David Garrett who was quite the showman as he masterfully and easily breezed through the very tricky Czardas by Vittiorio Monti.  David was often seen looking at the audience as he was all fingers and elbow through the semi quaver passage, before sitting down to play the more lyrical and quieter middle movement.  The conclusion was at a rapid tempo which he completed down on one knee which bought the house down leaving the audience wanting more from this phenomenally gifted violinist.




December First 2007

Great Britain

Birmingham, NIA

Classical spectacular


David was stunning. Right from the first piece, the Sarasate Carmen Fantasy he stole the show.  

His interpretation of Vivaldi's Summer from The Four Seasons was breathtaking but the most impressive was his second half performance where he began a long walk from the back of the enormous stadium, picked out subtly by the spotlights, to approach the stage slowly and perfectly. The second Sarasate item was "Zigeurnerweisen" which was magical - and to perform that on the move.......

Please, please come back to Birmingham. It was such a treat.

Thank you.

Tabitha, 2th December 2008,

(source: http://bb02.sov.uk.vvhp.net/davidg/YaBB.pl?num=119)


Stern-TV am 19.12.2007

D9 Gestern habe ich mir mal wieder Stern-TV mit Günter Jauch angesehen. Eigentlich hat mich nur ein Beitrag interessiert: Ein junger Meisterklassen-Geiger namens David Garrett - welcher Opern- und Konzerthäuser auf der ganzen Welt füllt - wird als Straßenmusiker herumgeschickt und dann zum Vorspielen in der Berliner Oper, wo er bereits mehrere Male aufgetreten ist. Letzteres natürlich verkleidet, damit ihn niemand erkennt.

Auf der Straße wurde er (trotz keiner Verkleidung) nicht erkannt. Nur eine alte Frau (der man es am wenigsten zugetraut hätte) hat seine Klasse quasi gesehen und bemerkt, dass "er das wesentliche der Bach'schen Musik begriffen hat."  

Absolut genial war natürlich das Vorspielen auf der Oper. David Garrett, äußerlich völlig verändert und sich unter dem Namen "Gerd Traviadt" vorstellend, trat vor die Drei (zwei Typen und eine Frau) mit seiner 3 Mio. Euro Stradivari, die natürlich voll ihre Überheblichkeit heraushängen ließen und spielte was von Mozart. Der sogenannte Konzertmeister der Berliner Oper hat am meisten geschwafelt und gleich zu Beginn gemeint "er (Garrett) habe das Stück zu hoch intoniert". Nebenbei bemerkte er (während er selbst völlig aus dem Takt dazuklatschte), das "er (Garrett) nicht dem Takt folgen könnte und der Pianist gnadenlos sei." Es wurde ihm natürlich Talent zuerkannt, allerdings "wäre er zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt noch nicht reif in einem Orchester zu spielen, da er sich noch nicht anpassen könne und zu zügellos sei".

Garrett sichtlich amüsiert meinte zum Konzertmeister, daß er dessen Takt nicht verstehen würde und das Stück nicht zu hoch intoniert sei.

Das beste daran war aber dann die Auflösung, nachdem man den Dreien sagte, dass, wenn man die Buchstaben des Namens Gerd Traviadt verdrehen würde, der Name David Garrett dabei herauskommen würde und dieser hier vor ihnen stand. Ein genialeres Bild habe ich noch nirgends gesehen, als diesen Dreien buchstäblich die Kinnlade nach unten fiel und sie im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes sprachlos waren. Besser kann man sich eigentlich nicht mehr blamieren.

Garrett wurde darauf hin sofort von den Dreien für Anfang 2008 gebucht, obwohl das einige Minuten vorher noch unmöglich gewesen ist.

Das ganze beweist wieder einmal, was ich schon immer gesagt habe: Egal wie gut man ist und welches Talent man hat ist es sehr schwierig diejenigen von sich zu überzeugen, die oben sitzen und von dort hinabsehen. Sie behandeln einen überheblich und geben einem zu verstehen, dass man (noch) nicht dem geforderten entspricht. Dabei palavern sie eigentlich nur sinnlose Scheiße und haben im Grunde genommen selbst nicht den blassesten Schimmer wovon sie sprechen.  Einen römischen Einser für diesen Beitrag an RTL und Stern-TV. Besser kann man solche Typen nicht vorführen!!!

Garrett anschließend bei Jauch im Studio hat dort nochmals bekräftigt, dass das Stück in keinster Weise "zu hoch intoniert" war und er auch dazu stehe. Bravo David, genau so gehört sich das!

smoke, 20/12/2007

(source:  http://smoke369.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns!D61954484D54B30D!133.entry)


Hi David,

D10 mein name ist Sabrina M. komme aus Hannover, bin 21 Jahre jung und als ich dich das erste mal bei Stern TV gesehen habe da habe ich eine Gänsehaut bekommen wie du gespielt hast. Einfach klasse !!!!!!!!!  Du spielst so voller Leidenschaft und vor allem gefühlvoll ich kann einfach nur schwärmen. Obwohl ich vorher NIE solche Musik gehört habe werde ich versuchen auf eines deiner Konzerte zu kommen.

Ich werde deine Musik auch im OP spielen lassen wenn wir am operieren sind mal sehen was die Doc´s dazu sagen werden :-)

Bist du eigentlich schon vergeben ?

Wäre schön eine Antwort zu bekommen.

Ganz liebe Grüße


Sabrina, 12/28/2007


14th February 2008

Great Britain

London, Barbican,

Valentines Day Love's Classics

BRUCH: violin concerto

Robin Stapleton, conductor

London Concert Orchestra

I was lucky enough to go to see David at the Barbican last night and I can assure you all that he had adapted to the new Stradivarius exceptionally well. His performance of the Bruch was wonderful and was a huge success with everyone there.

He gave us an astounding extra - the Monti Czardas - as an encore, with all his usual charm, verve and magnificent skill.  

This morning he was interviewed on the BBC about the accident and in the first interview he offered to take requests.  

In the second section, he played three pieces - Elgar, Mendellsohn and a solo version of "Somewhere" which I actually much prefered to the version on "Free"  

He said he would be back in the UK in the week that his CD is released so, as soon as anyone finds out where and when, please post as that will be a treat NOT to be missed.  

Thank goodness he has not suffered any lasting after effects from the fall. He must have been really under pressure last night, returning to the Barbican where it all went wrong, and with so much of it in the public eye. Let us hope that his natural charm, confidence and brilliance has won over millions more fans in the UK and beyond.


(source: http://bb02.sov.uk.vvhp.net/davidg/YaBB.pl?num=1202898845/8#8)


Caught by the Beauty: David Garrett


I never heard of David Garrett until I read an article about him falling down stairs and crushing his million dollar violin made in 1700. From Germany, he now lives in NY City and supplements his income by modeling part time. Skeptical, I went to his site and learned that he was a child prodigy that started playing with the London Philharmonic at age 10.

Once the David Garrett site loaded, a video started. The sound of his violin caught my breath. Watching him play, the emotion, the feel of the music he creates is a beauty rarely heard. I know what CD I'll get next: Virtuoso.

Theresa Komor

(source: http://bumpypath.blogspot.com/2008/02/caught-by-beauty-david-garrett.html)


David Garrett - broken Stradivarius


I just watched a funny interview on the BBC news. Classical violinist David Garrett must have a pretty good PR person working for him, because I think this was the first time that I’ve seen a musician play in the studio, on the news. Plus - I hadn’t heard of him until today, and the the story that got him there was that he fell down a flight of stairs onto his priceless Stradivarius violin, that actually cost him $1,000,000, and now the repair bill will be for around £60,000.

He was also able to get a plug in for his upcoming album, ‘Virtuoso’, which is released in March, and that he’s currently on tour. Pretty clever stuff - all because of his fall, a cracked Stradivarious and of course, the fact that he’s an incredible performer. I’m sure he’ll gain many new fans from this, including me.

The BBC interview was funny because the female news reader was all in a tither as David played his violin, and the other news reader, a man, was making fun of her. She had noted Garrett was once a model (to supplement his student income) and that people call him the David Beckham of the violin…which is a bit silly. He is very nice looking though - and he plays a great violin! The violin that he was playing in the studio was another Stradivarius that was brought over from Milan so that he can continue his tour. Hopefully he’ll keep that one intact.

David Garrett has been playing the violin since a very young age, and was known as a child prodigy.

Jenny May, February 15

(source: http://bandweblogs.com/blog/2008/02/15/david-garrett-broken-stradivarius-virtuoso-album-release/)


You can watch this video here



David Garrett, a very Cool Violinst!


I like his casual style on the stage. He can lead the conductor and orchestra going with him. All public enjoyed his music.

xu hui February 16, 2008

(source: http://xuhui831.blogspot.com/2008/02/david-garrett-very-cool-violinst.html)



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