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 Karsten Woelk

"In classical Music, David Garrett breaks the mold. This German violinist with an English surname looks like he should be an actor. He has long blond hair, wears black, baggy pants and no tie. As if straight out of a romantic movie, his spontaneous and charismatic smile makes the romantic image complete. Although he may look like an actor, it is obvious that his talent lies in the violin .


This is how Pablo Kohan (“la Nacion, 06th June 2005”) introduced David’s Recital in Buenos Aires on June 2005.

David is good-looking, he looks like a top model or an actor. But he is not on a catwalk to do a fashion show.

He doesn’t play in theaters or on cinemas’ stages.

He just plays the violin... in Classical Music Halls...


The first time I heard him playing in 2004, I really went to hear the pianist. Being a frequent customer of the Classical Music Halls, when I saw David coming on the stage, built like a top-model, tall silhouette, long bleached hair on his slim face, I thought: “He is different than the others...”


And when he began to play, when I saw his face shining with happiness, when I heard the deep crystalline sound of his violin, a sound that he mastered so well, time stopped. His bow slipped, sprong on the strings with so much rhythm and confidence, without any exaggerated vibratos. His violin sang and whistled nicely like no one else I have heard before. I felt in harmony with this unique sound. I was carried into another world, a wonderful world, his world of music… for the first time.

Then, I tried to get a better knowledge of this young violinist who moved me so much. And I not only discovered an exceptional violinist, but also an original and particularly emotional personality.

A little kid who asked to play the violin when he was 4, in order to do as his brother.

A little kid who knew what he wanted.

A little kid who quickly revealed being a wonder child, a prodigy.


A child who was quickly sent on stage by his parents. A child who one day, was told that his name was to be changed. A child who didn’t have a school education like others. A child who played his violin instead of playing with friends of his age.

A teenager that practiced his violin instead of working at school or being out with his friends.


A teenager who, at one moment, realized that he lived differently than his peers.

A teenager who wanted to be like those of his age, with long hair, tattoos, piercings, baggy ripped and holed jeans.

A teenager who, at one moment, wanted to enjoy his life like other kids.

 BeeZee // Designs

A teenager who, like many asked existential questions.

A teenager that was good-looking enough to become a top-model.


A teenager who started testing his wings in order to prove himself.

It seemed so natural for this young boy to want to be part of a group, to rebel, not to be the "odd guy" anymore, and exaggerate, "not leaving anything out", he said, because he had no point of reference.

It seemed so natural that he did not want to age before his time since he grew up surrounded by adults and “classical” music.


It was so natural for him to want to wear tee-shirts and jeans while the other musicians were playing in suits.

It was so natural for him to not feel comfortable performing in formal suits called “penguins” and even more so uncomfortable when keeping the violin crushed under his chin. It is very difficult to change customs that have been part of Classical Music Halls...

It is very difficult for him to get respect from others when his beliefs and his dress code are different from the norm.

It is difficult to change old habits.


His dream is to have a young audience. He thinks that young people can be brought in Classical Music Halls and be interested in classical music, in traditional repertoire. Everything depends on the presentation.

He is also interested in Pop and Rock music like Metallica, Aerosmith and Green Day. He listens to them with pleasure during his long flights.

This is probably why he agreed to perform at an Apple Store in Japan in 2006. He played short pieces, in particular a variation that he made from “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. He hopes that teenegers will listen to his music on their iPods. This is an original and interesting initiative.


This young violinist moved me. His great talent touched me. His personality interested me.

I decided to support him and created this Website in February 2007.

I would like for you to know him

and understand his way of being.

Hopefully you will want to listen to his great talent and will want to see him play.

Hopefully you will be carried away by this magician in a wonderful world, the world of his music.

I hope you will appreciate his talent and enjoy his music as much as I do...

Evelyne Christophe

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