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Vidéo - 3 -

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Zigeunerweisen Op.20 (Pablo de Sarasate)

it's interesting to listen to his three playings...


Dortmund, 25th October 2007, with Catherine Gordeladze (piano)

source: youTube


Köln, 18th March 2008, with Milana Chernyavska (piano)

source: youTube


Hamburg, 13th May 2008, with Milana Chernyavska (piano)

source: youTube


davidgarrettlondon200805092 davidgarrettlondon200805096 davidgarrettlondon2008050912

Navarra (Pablo de Sarasate), with Valeriy Sokolov (violin) and Xuefei Yang (guitar),

London, 9th May 2008, Brit Awards

source: youTube

Speed Record, may 2008


David Garrett becomes the world's fastest violinist by playing Flight of The Bumble Bee in 1minute 6.56 seconds, an amazing 13 notes per second.

source: youtube

davidgarretthamburghongroises200805131 davidgarretthamburghongroises200805132 davidgarretthamburghongroises200805134a davidgarretthamburghongroises200805134

Hungarian Dances No 1 in G Minor (J. Brahms), Giorgio Serci (guitar) Hamburg, 13th May 2008

source: Youtube


Somewhere ( Bernstein)

source: YouTube


Il mio babbino caro from the opera Gianni Schicchi (Giacomo Puccini)

source: YouTube


Duelling Banjos (from the film Deliverance) with Giorgio Serci (Guitar)

source: youTube


Sirtaki, with Giorgio Serci (Guitar), Stuttgart, 17th May 2008

source: youTube

davidgarrettstuttgart200805171 davidgarrettstuttgart200805178

Spanish Dances for violin and piano Op.22,1-Romanza andaluza (Pablo de Sarasate) with Milana Chernyavska (piano), Stuttgart, 17th May 2008

source: youTube

davidgarretthamburg200803204 davidgarretthamburg200803206 davidgarretthamburg200803208

Summer, (variation on The Four Seasons by Vivaldi) , Hamburg, 20th Mach 2008

source: youTube


15th May 2008 - SF - Aeschbacher

source: Youtube


16th May 2008 - ZDF - "Götz Alsmann- Nachtmusik"

David plays Zigeunerweisen (Pablo de Sarasate) and Duelling Banjos

source: YouTube


17th May 2008 - WDR - Kölner Treff

source: YouTube

Florence - Italy - Bargello Museum

14th July 2008


Sonate N°3 Op.45(III) (Edvard Grieg) and Ręve d'enfant (Eugčne Ysaÿe, with Julien Quentin (piano)


Zigeunerweisen Op.20 (Pablo de Sarasate), with Julien Quentin (piano)

sources: Sylwia for david-garret-fans on youTube

Regensburg - Germany - Thurn und Taxis Schlossfestspiele

17th July 2008

davidgarrettmendelssohnvideosylw200707174 davidgarrettmendelssohnvideosylw200707175 davidgarrettmendelssohnvideosylw200707177

Violin Concerto in E minor Op.64, first mouvement, Part I and II, (Felix Mendelssohn) with ith Gil Shohat as a conductor and the Hofer Symphoniker Orchester


David Garrett and his Band play Summer from the Four Seasons (Vivaldi) , Giorgio Serci (guitar), arrangement by himself

sources: Sylwia for david-garrett-fans on youTube

davidgarrettbabbino200807171 davidgarrettbabbino200807173

Carmen (Bizet) and Il mio babbino caro from the opera Gianni Schicchi (Giacomo Puccini)

In this sequence, David says to someone in the audience: "Just for you!"

source: YouTube

Verbier Festival - Switzerland

20th May 2008 -

davidgarrettbachverbier2008072027 davidgarrettbachverbier2008072031 davidgarrettbachverbier20080720161

the Sarabande from the second Partita (J.S.Bach)

davidgarrettbeeverbier200807204 davidgarrettbeeverbier200807208 davidgarrettbeeverbier2008072023

the Fly of the Bumble Bee (Rismski-Korsakov), with Julien Quentin (piano)

sources: david-garrett-fans on YouTube

Firenze - Florence - Italy - Bargello Museum

28th July 2007

Violin Concerto in E Minor Op.64 (Mendelssohn)

conductor: Giuseppe Lanzetta, Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina


movt I- allegro molto appassionato

davidgarrettmendII2007072819 davidgarrettmendII2007072828 davidgarrettmendII2007072829

movt II- andante, allegretto non troppo

davidgarrettmendII2007072840 davidgarrettmendII2007072841 davidgarrettmendII2007072842

movt III - Allegro Molto Vivace

davidgarrettbachencores2007072850 davidgarrettbachencores2007072851

encores: Partita n°2, Sarabande and Sonata for violin Solo N°2 in A Minor, BWV 1003, Adagio

( J.S.Bach)

source: YouTube

Firenze - Florence - Italy - Orsanmichele

8th October 2007

Violin Concerto in D Major Op.61 (Beethoven)

conductor: Giuseppe Lanzetta, Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina

encores: Partita n°2, Sarabande and Sonata for violin Solo N°2 in A Minor, BWV 1003, Adagio

( J.S.Bach)


source: YouTube

TV in UK


ITV1 - the Alan Titchmarsh show, 10th September 2008 , david plays with Giorgio Serci Duelling Banjos

source: youtube


BBC two - working lunch show, 12th September 2008

David plays duelling banjos "in solo"

source: youtube

Goldene Henne 2008, 17th September 2008


somewhere with orchestra

source: youtube

UK - London - Proms in the Park

13th September 2008


source: david-garrett-fans on youtube

rbb - Hörbar Rust - 14th September 2008


source: youtube

ITV - For one night only - 21st September -

David Garrett with Balazs Foldvary


source: youtube



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