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Video - 4 -

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Making of Sony Walkman - Campaign 2008


source: Moritz Steinkohl

TV-radio Bremen - 3 nach 9 - October 2008


source: TV radio Bremen

ECHO KLASSIK - Germany - 19th October 2008


source: youtube



source: zdf

TV Total - Prosieben - 21st October 2008


David plays the Carnaval of Venice ( Paganini) with Stephan Raab,Smooth Criminal (Michael Jakson) and Zorba (Mikis Theodorakis)

source:youtube, , TVtotal,

Netherlands - Eindhoven - 26th October 2008

davidgarrettbrahms200811262 davidgarrettbrahms200811264 davidgarrettbrahms2008112611 davidgarrettbrahms2008112621 davidgarrettbrahms2008112625

BRAHMS: Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 77, conductor: Alan Buribayev, Het Brabants Orkest

encore: the Carnival of Venice (il Carnevale di Venezia), in A major, Op. 10 variations on the Neapolitan song O mamma, mamma cara (Paganini)

source: youtube

DW - Talking German - 2nd November 2008


source: youtube - dw-world.de

zoomer - 09th November 2008


source: zoomer.de

RTL - exclusiv - " Freudin gesucht " - 10th November 2008


with his mother


RTL - Regional - 10th November 2008

davidgarrettrt200811102 davidgarrettrtl200811103 davidgarrettrtl200811104

Germany - Munich - GQ Men of the Year Award 2008 (Best Musician) - 13th November


David plays Smooth Criminal (Michael Jakson) and Air (Bach)

source: youtube

Germany - Bielefeld - 16th November 2008


short piece of the Violin Sonata N°10, G major, Op.96, mvt II, (Beethoven), with Milana Chernyavska (piano)

source: youtube

Germany - Wuppertal - 17th November 2008

davidgarrettzige200811172 davidgarrettzige200811174

Zigeunerweisen op. 20 (Pablo de Sarasate) with Milana Chernyavska (piano)

source: youtube

MTV - Games Awards 2008 - 25th November 2008

davidgarrettmtv200811251 davidgarrettmtv200811253

an amazing performance about Super Mario with DJ Mesia

and Thunderstruck

source: youtube

Germany - NDR - Schaubude - 28th November 2008


He's a pirate , Summer and Rock Prelude

source: youtube

RTL - Exclusiv - Geiger & Frauenschwarm


source: vip.de

Germany - NDR - Das - 02nd December 2008


David plays very short pieces by Bach (partita and sonate), Beethoven (Romance n°2 in F), Paganini (capricen°13 and 1), Rimski-Korsakov (flight of the bumblebee), Mendelssohn (violin concerto), summertimes, he is a pirate and O Tannenbaum

source: youtube!

Germany - ZDF - J.B.Kerner - 3rd December 2008

davidgarrettzdf2008120339 davidgarrettzdf2008120340

entertaining broadcast where David is playing the flight of the bumble bee, and O tannenbaum with J.B.Kemer!source: youtube!

Germany - rbb - im palais - 4th December 2008


Interesting interview with pieces from his last CD "encore": Smooth Criminal (Michael Jakson) and Air (J.S.Bach)

source: youtube!

David Garrett about the Album Encore


source: deag

Germany - ZDF - Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel - Weihnachtssendung- 23rd December 2008


Air (J.S.Bach) and ... Chelsea (David Garrett)

source: youtube

Germany - ZDF - Mein allerschönstes Weihnachtslied - 24th December 2008

davidgarrettzdf200812242 davidgarrettzdf200812248

David is playing the fly of the Bumblebee (Rimski-Korsakov) and Christmas Lullaby (David Garrett)

source: youtube

UK - Birmingham - 11th October 2008

David Garrett and his band


David Garrett plays Music of the Night (from the movie "the Phantom of the Opera). The pianist is John Haywood.

source: birgit for david-garrett-fans on youtube


David Garrett plays Smooth Criminal (by Michael Jackson) from his CD "Encore".

source: birgit for david-garrett-fans on youtube

davidgarrettbirminghamsome200810111 davidgarrettbirminghamsome200810118 davidgarrettbirminghamsome2008101114

David Garrett plays Somewhere (by Leonard Bernstein) from his CD "Virtuoso" . The pianist is John Haywood.

source: birgit for david-garrett-fans on youtube

davidgarrettbirminghamsummer davidgarrettbirminghamsummer200810117

David Garrett plays Summertime (by George Gershwin) from his CD "Encore". The pianist is John Haywood.

source: birgit for david-garrett-fans on youtube

davigarrettbirminghambazzini200810111 davidgarrettbirminghambazzini2008101135

David Garrett plays the "Dance of the Goblins" ("Ronde des Lutins") (by Antonio Bazzini). The pianist is John Haywood.

source: birgit for david-garrett-fans on youtube

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